Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 3-5 Solo Recitals, Rehearsals, and Finalists Announced

Saturday was filled with excellent piano recitals featuring a Chopin Nocturne, an etude of their choice, a 20th-century American work after 1940, and another personal selection. While some competitors chose the same works, they offered diverse programs with their own distinctive flair. The order was Yesse Kim, Michael Stewart, David Yoshiaki Ko, Alex Beyer, Tristan Savella, Philip Kwoka, Alison Chiang, John Chen, Kai Talim, Andrew Kim, Benjamin Hopkinson, and Fan-Ya Lin.

Sunday featured rehearsals with the violin or cello duo partners, and rehearsals in the hall with the second pianists for the first movement of their concerto. In the morning, Mr. McDonald gave a master class for 4 non-competitors who are of the same age group as competitors. Those who were not rehearsing or working in the afternoon went to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra to hear Mahler.

Following another full day of a solo work, duo selection, and first movement of a concerto, the finalists were announced: Alexander Beyer, Michael Stewart, and David Yoshiaki Ko. After competing, everyone went to the Medford's to relax and enjoy a delicious home made dinner by chef Gene Medford.

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