Friday, June 4, 2010

Kai Talim

Kai Talim, age 17, is from Portland, Oregon. His Solo Recital will take place at 3:50 p.m. on Saturday, June 5:

CHOPIN Nocturne no. 13 in C minor, Opus 48, no. 1

SERGE RACHMANINOFF Étude-tableau in A minor, Opus 39, no.6

SAMUEL BARBER Sonata for piano, Opus 26
III. Adagio mesto
IV. Fuga: Allegro con spirito

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN Sonata no. 23 in F minor, Opus 57 (“Appassionata”)
I. Allegro assai


His Duo, Concerto, and Solo performance is scheduled to be at 9:55 a.m. on Monday, June 7:

FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN Ballade no. 1 in G minor, Opus 23

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN Sonata for violin and piano no. 7 in C minor, Opus 30, no. 2
I. Allegro con brio

ROBERT SCHUMANN Concerto in A minor, Opus 54
I. Allegro affettuoso



The Talim household is filled with music. Kai Talim might be practicing the piano, or the trumpet. His sister might be practicing the violin. Of course, they have lessons of all those instruments. When Kai takes a practice break, he likes to go outdoors to participate in a variety of sports, especially ultimate frisbee. (He says that he enjoys the constant movement of the players.) Whether he is playing on a sports team or performing in the youth symphony, Kai enjoys collaborating with others. Not surprisingly, he enjoys playing chamber music, as well as concertos, and has performed piano concertos with the Portland Youth Philharmonic, Rose City Chamber Orchestra and the Pacific Crest Sinfonietta.

The piano was Kai’s first instrument, and it is still his primary one. He began piano lessons at age six in Kobe, Japan. Continuing with his studies when he moved to Portland, Oregon, Kai says that when he began to study with Kelli Stephens, his interest in piano developed into a major one. Through the years, he has received support to continue his studies and awards. Kai received a grand piano through the Piano Santa Foundation. He won first place in the Suzanne Raines Young pianist Competition in 208 and with the Oregon Music Teachers Association Junior Piano Competition in 2007.

Kai enjoys playing his instruments for people unable to attend concerts, such as those in retirement residencies or hospitals. When describing what he would like his audience to experience, he uses a word others have used to describe his music, “sincere.”

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