Tuesday, June 10, 2008

PianoArts: Ahead of Competition

PianoArts: Ahead of Competition

Pianists compete for many reasons and experience rewarding benefits, great or small, whether or not they win. But a time comes when basic experience - nervousness, constructive criticism, additional performances, or small prizes - are not enough. At this time, pianists seek greater opportunity; some stepping stone to a professional career.

Numerous National and International competitions serve that purpose, such as the Gina Bachauer International Young Artists’ Competition, the Minnesota Piano-e-Competition, the Southeastern Piano Competition, the New York Piano Competition, the Virginia Waring International Competition (formerly the Joanna Hodges-), and the PianoArts National Piano Competition. Several of these competitions offer a performance with an orchestra; all demand great dedication from its competitors and deserve highest commendation for their standards of excellence.

Yet, only one of these competitions - PianoArts - provides one-on-one professional coaching for contestants prior to competing. Contestants also learn to interact with the audience by speaking about their music in each round, and in later years winners return for Milwaukee concerts. They also perform and speak with students at dozens of Milwaukee Public Schools as part of an extended Artist-in-Residence program. During the competition, PianoArts requires 71 minutes of music to be performed, mostly from memory, including the performance of a complete concerto by three finalists with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

Experience the excitement June 22 through June 24, while ten semi-finalists compete in a grueling and inspiring quest to perform a full concerto with Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, while reaching the stepping stone to a professional career.

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